Video Marketing In CT Is The future

Develomark has tested different levels of engagement and we frequently see BETTER results when we test a video versus a static image when building a Facebook Advertisement. NOW, please keep in mind that as times change people become lazier and lazier that is why we are big believers in video marketing. Take for example when you’re cruising through on Facebookwhat does Facebook typically show on your newsfeed? You’ve guessed it, they show a video. Pictures are becoming obsolete and the quicker we begin to realize this the faster we can gain a competitive edge against your competitors. Take a look below at an infographic regarding video marketing created by Visually

74% OF all internet traffic will be video

Okay, take this in for a second… 7 out of 10 people are surfing the web right now craving video content. What kind of effect will this have for a small business? Imagine how ahead you can get with something like this. Social Media Marketing is evolving and you need to stay ahead in this internet epidemic. Luckily, Develomark has mastered both the internet traffic and the video marketing aspect of the business. Want to see just a portion of our work? Together with Papallero Productions… Develomark can create and advertise extremely clean content and get MASSIVE engagements. We are first going to show you a video that received 150,000 views on Facebook. Check it out here:

video marketing at its best

That is how you properly make a business go famous using social media advertising I know you’re curious to see the results on Facebook because of this video… unfortunately, If I put all the comments in here my website would break. NO, but seriously check out some of these reactions because of this video:

You get it now don’t yah?

This is the clear option for any company that is looking to do any kind of social media promotion. It is clearly the most effective way. But you know me, I don’t like to stop. I want to continue to show you some SICK value. And just because this acts as a social proof for me to show you how awesome video marketing is with Below we did a simple video, where we were also giving away a $50 GC at one of our client’s restaurants. The video was put up as a Facebook AD. Take a look at the video below and then feel free to see the type of engagement we received as a part of this.


ready to see some results?

We ran the ad for one week, and here are some of the results… once again I cannot post anything or else my website will break. The restaurant continues to get this service at no charge by just being a client with Develomark. Here are the results:

videos work…..

If I have to convince you anymore that your company should be doing video marketing my head will explode. These case-studies are just a few of what we bring to the table. We have had multiple successes with video Facebook ads and we will continue to do so until cameras are not sold on the shelves of an Amazon warehouse. My question to you is what do we have to do to get started working on your project? Apply to work with us here and lets see what we have to do to FLOOD your business with customers.